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FOR CAR HIRE FROM: “Expert Auto” Ltd / “CMC 2” Ltd – hereby and after named as “The Lessor”

1. The vehicle is offered in a good technical order, fully equipped as requested by Law. The lessee receives all necessary documents when signing the contract for the use of the vehicle appropriately, namely – driving only on paved roads with n more than the maximum persons allowed by Law in the vehicle.
2. The car cannot leave the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria without the express written consent of the lessor.
3. There is no mileage limit on the territory of Bulgaria.
4. The rented vehicles have the following insurance policies and road taxes paid for by the lessor: 3rd party liability insurance, road vignette, MOT, car insurance, which covers the lessee’s responsibility to the deposit amount in case of a theft or damage to the vehicle.
5. The insurance policy does not apply if any of the events described below occure. Instead point 13. of this contract is applied:
– In the event that the lessee allowed use and management of the car to third party, which is not specified in the contract
– In the event that the lessee does not comply to road regulation law on the territory of Bulgaria and in the following cases (not limited to): driving on unpaved or poorly paved roads, smoking in the car, use of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants in the car; dangerous driving, speeding, drifting, racing, transporting illegal goods or passengers, improper use or not use of seatbelts; improper overtaking; failure to comply with road restrictions, road markings and others.
– In the event that the vehicle is not used for its intended use.
5.1. In the event of damage or vehicle theft, the lessee must immediately report to the police (by calling 112) and to the lessor, as well as to provide the lessor with a written damage report that is issued by the police officer who registers the event, together with full detailed explanations regarding the situation in which the damage occurred, as these could be provided to the insurance company. All written explanations must be provided to the Lessor by the time and date at which the contract for car hire expires. If these are not provided on time, all insurance policies will be void and the lessee will be responsible for the full value of the vehicle and all costs incurred to the parties involved. The exact time and date at which such an event is registered with the Police authorities by calling 112 serve as a reference point to the time that such an event occurred! If point 5.1 of this contract is applied, an additional administration charge of 60 Euros will be applied immediately.
5.2. Insurance policies do not cover: damage or loss of wipers, radio antenna, emblems, CD-player / panel, navigation system, mirrors, injuries and damage to the folding roof mechanism /if convertible/ broken car windows by negligence and without a report from the Police, theft of personal luggage, tires, alloys, hubcaps, damage to the chassis, transmission, gearbox and engine, interior damage, damage to the paint (intentional or unintentional or by 3rd parties), as well as failure to comply with road regulations.

6. The rental price of the car is determined by the type of the chosen car and the rental period and must be paid in full at the signing of the lease of the vehicle.
Damage deposit must be paid in addition to the rental price. The deposit is due in full at the signing of the lease of the vehicle. At the end of the rental period, the deposit is refunded, less any amounts due in case of: any unpaid rent, damage to the vehicle or failure to comply with the general rules described in the contract. If the cost of damages is higher than the deposit initially paid by the lessee, then the lessee must pay the additional amount to cover all costs incurred by the lessor.
7. Prices include:
– 3rd party liability insurance
– Car insurance in case of damage or theft
– Annual vignette
– 1 Day rental period covers 24 hours


8. The Lessor is obliged to deliver the vehicle in good working order and taking into account normal depreciation due to the daily use of the vehicle.
9. In case the lessee does not comply by the terms and conditions in the contract, or failure to comply with Traffic law such as, but not limited to: speeding, improper to the current road conditions speed, drifting, racing, or any other improper use of the vehicle, which could be registered using technical devices (GPS) that are fitted in the vehicles, the lessor has the right to terminate/cancel the rental contract in any time and to seize any hired vehicle from the lessee. Any prepaid vehicle hire amounts or differences between the fuel level are not to be refunded, even if the contract is terminated before its due date. Damage deposit is not refunded and point 13 of this contract is applied.


10. The lessee must hold a valid driving license and service of not less than two years, and to provide documents proving his identity. In cases where the driver has a driving license for a period of less than five years, an additional deposit of 500 / five hundred / euro is required; Also in cases where the driver has a driving license for a period of less than seven years, an additional deposit of 300 / three hundred / euro is required
11. The lessee is obliged to use the rented car according to its purpose.
12. The lessee cannot give rights for use of the car to a third party, which is not specified in the contract.
13. Any breach of the T&C in the contract is penalised with 500 Euros for each violation. Breaches include but are not limited to a loss or destruction of vehicle documents, license plates or car keys. A penalty charge of 500 Euros is applied for each violation. The lessee has full responsibility in front of court if in breach of the rental contract. The lessor does not have any responsibility for the lessee’s actions. The lessee declares that is familiar with the General T&C’s and the rental contract.
14. Any amounts for repair of the vehicle, paid by the lessee, but not agreed with the lessor or without the prior knowledge and permission of the lessor are not refunded.
15. During the period of renting, any penalties imposed by the relevant authorities (police, municipal guards, speed cameras and others), or any other administrative charges or court decisions are to be paid by the lessee.


16. The hired vehicles must be returned to the company’s offices or at another predetermined location in the same state as before commencing of the rental period, namely: no damage to the vehicle and losses of equipment, documents and accessories, fully washed and cleaned, with the same amount and type of fuel. Any losses or damage are covered by the damage deposit and the fuel price is charged at 1,5 times the prices of the nearest petrol station. Any such cases are considered violations of the contract by the lessee and paragraph 13 of the contract will apply.
17. If a car is returned before the end of the rental period no refund/ compensation is due to the lessee.
18. In case of extending the rental period, the lessee must inform the lessor by calling one of the phone numbers provided. Every delay for a period of over 24 hours without the company being informed and without its explicit consent is charged at a rate twice the standard price for the overdue period and the vehicle reported to the police as missing.
19. The client is entitled to return the vehicle up to 1 hour later than the due hour, provided the lessor has been previously informed and such a delay is agreed by the lessor. After that, a full 24-hour rental charge will be applied.
20. Any subsequent extensions of the rental period are calculated as a new rental period and the period passed is not counted for when forming the hire price.
21. Hiring and returning of vehicle outside working hours is charged additionally 20 Euros! Standard working hours are from 08:00 hours until 20:00 hours.